Ruter DDS Preventive Dental Care

Ruter Family Dental provides dental care for the whole family, including general dentistry, dental check-ups, and dental cleaning. Proudly serving Aurora, Indiana and surrounding areas.

Family Dental Care for Healthy and Happy SMiles

Preventive Care

Dental Checkups

When your family comes in for a dental check-up, the team at Ruter Family Dental will provide a variety of oral health and preventative services, including dental exams, cleaning, protective treatments, cancer screening, and recommendations for your dental health. We will also perform x-rays and imaging if needed. We recommend a dental checkup visit for everyone in the family every six months.

Kids Dental Care
& Senior Dental Care

Everyone is different, so we take care to treat every patient based on their unique needs and personal preferences. .

We offer experienced, stress-free pediatric dental care for all of the kids in our community. Throughout life's milestones, we're here to provide complete care for our patients, from infancy to adulthood. Our staff is proud to be a trusted partner for senior dental care, serving many lifelong patients in the greater Aurora area. We focus on experienced, gentle dental care. .

We are able to provide comprehensive care for seniors, from cleanings and screenings to dental prosthetics and dentures. Wherever you are in life, we're here for you.

Screening & Imaging

While most dental check-ups are quick procedures that won't require screening and imaging, sometimes we need to take a closer look.

At your first visit, we might need to take x-rays unless your previous dentist can provide recent imaging. If you haven't had imaging in the last year, we might also recommend x-rays.

If there are signs of oral health problems, such as serious cavities or gum disease, you might need a diagnostic x-ray to assess the problem. If you're going to get dentures, a dental prosthesis, or a dental implant, x-rays might be necessary as well.

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