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Ruter Family Dental provides gentle, experienced treatment to heal oral health issues and restore your smile. We are proud to serve the community of Aurora, Indiana.

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Restorative Care

Cavities & Fillings

It's no fun to have a toothache, and it's even less fun to find out you have a cavity. But it does happen sometimes. If someone in your family has a cavity and needs a filling, Ruter Family Dental is here for you! We use advanced filling techniques, and we focus on gentle, stress-free procedures.

Fortunately, a good dental care routine and regular visits to your dentist can prevent cavities. Contact us and we'll help protect your dental health!

Periodontal Care & Root Canals

When gingivitis leads to serious gum disease, periodontal care may be necessary to address the disease and restore oral health. When a cavity leads to serious damage to the interior of a tooth, a root canal may be necessary to remove the infection and save the tooth.

Ruter Family Dental is here for the community of Aurora, Indiana, with gentle and experienced periodontal care and root canals.

Dentures & Dental Prosthetics

Ruter Family Dental is proud to offer exceptional quality dental prosthetics and appliances, include dental bridges, crowns, dentures, partial dentures, and dental implants. We focus on personal, gentle dental care solutions that are right for our patients. Let us work with you to achieve your goals.

Most of our patients have been with us for a long time, so we are able to provide seamless, personalized treatments that are a perfect fit. We are also always excited to welcome new patients to become lifelong partners in complete dental health!

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